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Wachusett's Uphill Trail Use Policy​

It is your responsibility to read through the entire Uphill Travel Policy and understand it. - click here

Wachusett's Drone Policy​

For more detailed information regarding Wachusetts Drone Policy. - click here

Senior Program (OEC/OET)

The Senior Patroller program is a national continuing education program in which Patrollers can enhance their skills in managing emergency scenarios, toboggan handling and personal skiing. This course also prepares Patrollers for leadership positions within the NSP. The program consists of core and elective components relative to Alpine and Nordic Patrollers.  To get started in the program contact your Patrol Director. Your Patrol Director will determine whether you are ready to enter the Senior Patroller program and if so, will then sign your application. - click here to download

For more detailed information about the Senior OEC Program - click here


For more detailed information about the Senior OET Program - click here

Young Adult Patroller​

Young Adult Patrol (YAP) offers an opportunity for young adults to become a member of National Ski Patrol. Whether you ski or ride this program offers training in high-level first aid and ski and toboggan skills. Young Adult Patrollers (age 15 through high school graduation) form their own special group and must meet the same requirements and fulfill the same patroller training and responsibilities as other adult members of the patrol with the same skill set.

For more information - click here

NSP Awards​

As Patrollers, we all make sincere efforts to care for our patients, but here is your opportunity to ‘care for’ fellow patrollers by nominating them for an award. You can recognize them for their extraordinary and distinguished service, abilities, or skills. Certain awards such as the DSA, NCOA, and Hall of Fame, are also available to non-patrollers for work they may have done to benefit the NSP.

For more information regarding the many NSP awards, please review the information that can be found on the Eastern Division website. - click here


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